**CORVID-19** Due to the current uncertainty, the Group has taken the decision to postpone the April/May seminar evening. We are hoping to be able to reschedule later in 2020. However, you are still more than welcome to join IAM RoadSmart and our Observers will prepare you for the IAM RoadSmart Test.

Historically, seminars are spread over 3 evenings (as detailed below), the dates for 2020 are: 29th April, 6th and 13th May. The evening will take place in Committee Room One at County Hall in Dorchester. For a directions, please see the maps page.

Download poster, print it out and help to advertise the seminars.

The topic/structure is roughly as follows:

Week 1

  • Overview, covering observation and safety, all based on Roadcraft (the Police Driving Manual).
  • Advanced Driving System of Car Control.
  • Proper use of controls leading to a safer, smoother journey.

Week 2

  • Cornering, Signalling, Positioning

Week 3

  • Overtaking
  • Multi lanes
  • How to conduct yourself safely when encountering an emergency vehicle.

The lecture sessions begin at 1900, so please arrive in time to sign in, and get yourself seated. In order to avoid the parking costs, please park in the permit holders spaces in the car park, otherwise you may have to buy a ticket (please check the meters and any signs). The evenings should generally be expected to be finished by approximately 2100.

Committee Room One directions
Entrance to the Committee Room One, is via a disabled entrance and then follow the arrows stuck on the wall. When you reach the door, there is a large silver button on the wall to the left of the door. Pressing that will automatically open the door. Proceed through the doors, and through the first committee room, turn left into the corridor, follow this to the end, where you turn right to enter Committee Room One.

Council Chambers directions
Please enter the building the main entrance, and proceed down the stairs. Access to Council Chambers is then found by turning right.

Once in the correct room, please sign in to ensure we can comply with building fire regulations. Then sit back and prepare to learn!

All three seminar evenings will cover different topics, so please try and ensure you can attend all of them (although it is not mandatory).