About us

About us…
The Dorset Group of Advanced Motorists has been promoting safer driving in Dorset for over 20 years.  This website is more oriented towards the Car Group, however there is a sister Motorcycle Group. Our catchment area covers the whole of Dorset, apart from Poole and Bournemouth, who each have their own Group, known as Bournemouth & District. All Groups are affiliated to IAM RoadSmart.

What we do…
By now you are probably wondering what makes us ‘Advanced Motorists’. In order to become an advanced motorist, you need to pass the IAM RoadSmart’s advanced test. Sounds easy – well it is with us guiding you on your way.  Initially you will attend a series of three seminar evenings which take place yearly (see our courses page for more details). These lectures are given by a former Class One Police Driving Instructor, who holds virtually every driving license class available. The lectures cover all the basis of what is expected from an Advanced Motorist. The next stage is to be paired up with one of our Group Observers. The Observer will accompany you in your own car, to observe your driving skills, and to advise of any issues. The Observer will guide you on your way to improving your driving skills to a level which is appropriate to pass the IAM RoadSmart test. The Observed runs will take place at a time that is convenient to both you and your observer, and normally last in the region of approximately one hour, and may cover different driving situations – such as day/night and rush-hour traffic.

The test…
Once it is felt by both you and the observer that your driving is that of the IAM RoadSmart test standard, then the test takes place. The test is conducted by an IAM RoadSmart Approved Examiner; who can in some cases be the same  Instructor who gave the initial set of three seminars. Tests are often based around Dorchester, Bridport and Wareham and will involve both town and country driving, but the location will vary depending on the allocated IAM RoadSmart Examiner (which is matched, where possible to your location).

What do I do now?
If you fancy joining the Group and passing your IAM RoadSmart test, then visit the join page.

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