Dorset IAM RoadSmart

Welcome to the Dorset IAM RoadSmart website, which is part is part of IAM RoadSmart, a UK wide charity promoting Road Safety and Driver Awareness in order to make our roads safer for all who use them.

We are a group with approximately 180 members, our catchment area covers the whole of Dorset, apart from Bournemouth & District, which covers the area to the East of Dorset.

The purpose of IAM RoadSmart is to promote safer driving. This is done by training our Associate members to the IAM test standard. In order to train each Associate, they should ideally attend the series of three seminar evenings given by a former Class One Police Driving Instructor, after which they will be paired with a local Group Observer (all of which are IMI qualified) who will guide the associate to a safer way of driving. You can however start with an Observer without attending the seminars, but a little more reading of the Course Manual may be required between Observed Drives.

In order that members don’t just pass their IAM RoadSmart test and never see each other again, we try to organise bi-monthly meetings / events. These may vary from a talk by a Policeman about the use of a stinger device, to someone who has taken part in a Dakar Rally, or even a visit from the local Police Helicopter crew! We also have also put on a number of motoring based activities that take place during the summer – taking advantage of the longer evenings, such as a Treasure Hunt and a Manoeuvrability competition.

The Dorset IAM RoadSmart Group also publishes a newsletter which contains details of the social events, and many other useful pieces of information.